10 things you need to do before getting a kitten

You should do some things ahead of time to make sure your new kitten has a safe, happy, and healthy home. Here is a list of the 10 things you must do before your new kitten arrives.
Bringing a kitten home can be a wonderful and happy time, but if you’re not ready, it can be a lot to handle. A kitten can be like a baby in that it needs lots of care and attention and that its needs must be met. Here are some things you should do to get your house ready for a kitten.

1. Get rid of dangerous things
Your kitten is a curious little creature that will want to play and explore. This is normal and should be encouraged. Your job is to make sure there are no harmful things around, like lilies and other plants that are poisonous to cats, or cords, string, and hair elastics that your kitten could get tangled in or chew through.

2. Keep chemicals in a safe place
Kittens are a lot like newborn babies, but one big difference is that they can move around much sooner. Make sure they can’t get to any dangerous chemicals, like bleach or floor cleaner, because their curiosity can get them into trouble quickly.

3. A cozy bed to cuddle up in
Kittens sleep a lot. On average, they sleep up to 16 hours a day. All of this rest helps people grow and change. Your kitten will need a lot of rest from the first night on if you want it to grow up to be a healthy cat. Before you bring your kitten home, you should pick out a warm, cozy, and safe bed for it to sleep in.
4. Many toys
Kittens are really good at two things: sleeping and playing. We all know that kittens need a soft place to sleep, but they also need lots of toys to play with. Kittens are very active, so make sure you have a variety of toys on hand to keep them busy.
5. Make sure your children are all set.
If you have young kids, it’s very important to teach them how to treat the new kitten with care. Children will want to cuddle and play with your kitten, but this needs to be supervised at first because your kitten needs a lot of rest and may feel too much. Before you bring your kitten home, get your kids involved from the start by letting them help name their new pet and set rules for how to treat it.

6. Get a good cat litter box and cat litter.
Litter is an important part of the checklist for a kitten, and it’s best to find litter and a tray that your kitten is comfortable with as soon as possible so you can start toilet training. Most kittens like having two litter boxes to choose from when they need to go potty. There are a lot of different ideas about what the best litter is. You might have to try out more than one litter before you find the right one for your kitten. Use our Cat Litter Finder to find the best litter for you and your cat.
7. Don’t forget to bring food and snacks.
Even though it may seem obvious, make sure you have enough food and treats for a kitten before you bring it home. Look for food that’s made especially for kittens. If you’re not sure what’s best, you can ask a Petbarn employee or use our Food Finder tool. There are different kinds of cat food for different ages and stages of your pet’s life. Treats are also important because you can use them to reward your kitten and encourage certain behaviors, especially when training.
8. Your cat needs a place to scratch.
Scratching is the one thing kittens love to do almost as much as sleeping and playing. You don’t want to stop it because it’s a natural behavior, but you also don’t want your furniture torn apart. Make sure your kitten has a scratching post from the start and knows it’s okay to scratch on it.
9. Expect things to go wrong.
Even though kittens are usually very clean pets, they can still have accidents, so it’s best to be ready. Have pet-safe cleaning and odor-control products on hand so you don’t accidentally poison your kitten.
10. Last but not least, buy a strong carrier.
Get a good cat carrier before you bring home a new kitten. This will make transporting the kitten easier. When your kitten is young, it’s important to get them used to riding in a carrier in the car. You will need to take your kitten to the vet often, especially in the beginning, and you want to make sure it is used to it. Look through our collection of cat carriers now so you can be ready to bring your kitten home safely.
It’s exciting to get ready for a new kitten, and making sure you have all the important things above will help you make sure your kitten gets the care they need. You can find a full range of kitten products at your local Petbarn store or a selection of great kitten products online.

Home Items Kittens Need: Checklist
Very expensive food: Use our Cat Food Finder tool to help you figure out what your kitten needs to eat. The Royal Canin Growth Kitten Cat Food and Royal Canin Kitten Food in Gravy are our most popular kitten foods.

Litter box and tray: Our litter box and tray set is a must-have for the first few days you spend with your kitten. Check out our cleaning and odor-controlling products so you’re ready for any accidents that are bound to happen.

Collar with a bell: Putting a collar on your kitten makes you feel like it’s yours. Only collars with bells are in our collection of collars for kittens. We recommend a bell because it will make it easier for you to keep an eye (or ear) on your kitten and make sure they are safe and close by.

Toys: Kittens love to sleep, but toys will get them up and moving, help them grow, and keep their minds active. Kittens can play with a variety of toys, but it’s best to start small and not give them too much at once. Look through our cat toys to find something that will be fun for both you and your cat.

Treats: If you start training your kitten when it is young, it will be less likely to get into bad habits or behave badly. Treats are an important part of training because they give your kitten a reward or something to work toward. Get lots of treats to help your kitten like you.

Travel crate: You can help your kitten get used to their new home by making it feel at ease. Cat owners are often told to get travel crates for their cats because they make traveling easier and give the cats a safe place to stay. The Wag Time Traveller Open Top Pet Carrier was made with cats in mind.

Parasite prevention: Your kitten’s first week at home will be safer and easier if you are ready to care for its health and well-being. The Bravecto Spot-on for Small Cats is made for kittens and can help keep them from getting parasites. Greencross Vets is the best place to start if you want expert advice on how to keep your kitten from getting parasites.

Scratch post: Your new kitten will probably not use the scratch post much at first, but it is important for your cat’s development and health. Scratchers are good for your cat’s health because cats have a natural urge to scratch. Look through our collection of scratchers to find a style, size, and shape that fits you and your life.

Bedding: We know that the comfort of your kitten will be your top priority as you help it get used to its new home. Bedding is an important part of making a safe place for your kitten to feel at home. Explore our wide selection of cat bedding and talk to a member of our friendly staff about what will work best for you.

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