How to make it easy and safe to cut your cat’s nails
The job is annoying, but someone has to do it. Here’s how to make it as easy as possible to trim your cat’s nails.
You might love nothing more than getting a mani-pedi on a Saturday morning, but cats usually don’t like having their nails done. But it’s important to keep cutting your cat’s nails regularly from the time they are kittens.

Cats’ claws grow in layers, and to get rid of the worn outer layer, they often need to scratch them on rough surfaces. Playful cats naturally use their claws, and soft human skin usually comes out on the losing end. When cat claws are trimmed, they do less damage to furniture and limbs.

How to cut the nails of your cat
Most cats will need to be persuaded that it’s okay to touch their paws. With treats on hand, massage your cat friend’s paws gently on a regular basis over a few days.

Once you and your cat are both calm and your cat is in your lap, gently press the toe pad of your cat’s foot to make the claw stick out. You should see a pink part. This is called the quick, and it is very sensitive because it has nerves and blood vessels in it.

Use clippers made just for cats to trim your cat’s nails, and be careful not to cut off too much of the nail. Below, we show you how to cut your cat’s nails to different lengths and what a healthy nail looks like.
Cutting a long cat nail
Don’t cut past the tip of the nail or you’ll hurt the quick and start bleeding. The quick will slowly go away.
You should cut or file your cat’s nails.
If you cut or file your cat’s nails a little every few days, the quick will slowly go away.
Shortening a nail
You can avoid cutting the quick by only cutting the tip and trimming it often.

A well-maintained nail
Keeping up with the trimming will make the job easier!
Does it hurt your cat if you don’t cut its nails?
As part of your weekly grooming routine with your cat, it’s important to keep their nails in good shape. Most cats like having their claws trimmed. If your cat’s claws get too long, you might see it chewing on them or trying to wear them down on your furniture.

If you don’t keep up with your cat’s nails, they can curl back toward the pad of their foot. This can be painful when they walk or make their toe pad more likely to get hurt. If their nails are too long, cats can sometimes hook them on their lips while cleaning their paws.

It’s a good idea to check your cat’s claws every so often. By using the tips above, your cat will feel more and more at ease during this process.

Is it bad for your cat if you cut its nails?
The process of cutting your cat’s nails doesn’t have to be dangerous. If your cat’s nails are cut or filed too short, it could hurt itself.

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